An outline for a television show that is sure to be massive;

Crime drama, ‘Bacon and Cabbage’. 

Our main protagonist and hero, Tom Bacon, has been through the mill a few times. He is grim and jaded. Having been kicked out of the Special Branch for batin’ the shite out of two lads that never did nothing, he now makes a crust as a private detective who does Kung-fu. 

Now, with his foul-mouthed but street-smart sidekick, Pat Cabbage, they solve crimes on the gritty streets of Galway armed only with their wits and a big load of guns and explosives. 

Chief Superintendent Seán (or possibly ‘Fiachra’) Sanguidge is an angry, but well-meaning man. He cares only about justice. He does be shouting at Bacon & Cabbage for not playing by the rules, but we the audience know that he is hiding a generous heart. Little do we know, but he is secretly a compulsive collector of pencils. This will become important later in the series, so pay attention. 

Bacon & Cabbage’s arch nemesis is a lowly dog who goes by the name of ‘Lowly Dog’. He controls all criminal activity in the town. He tortures small animals and sells drugs to nuns. Also, he is forever smoking cigarettes. Every time we see him, always a fag in the gob. 

Bláthnaid, oh, let’s say her last name is Jones or something, is a fiery youngwan who will take guff from no man. Yet her heart yearns for Bacon. And she is great at the old karate as well, so she isn’t afraid to kick arse when the need arises.

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