1 & 2 attempt a conversation;
1- C’mere till I tell ya. I keep meaning to tell ya about that time…
2- Sure don’t I know well…
1- Will you let me talk?
2- Amn’t I lettin’ ya…
1- Listen to me wan minute and I’ll tell you…
2- What time are we talkin about now?
1- I’m tryin to tell you. You mightn’t have been there no it fuckin was definitely you. Or maybe it wasn’t. But you were there anyways it doesn’t matter. You were fuckin definitely there. That fuckin time when he fuckin told me, HE FUCKIN LOOKED ME IN THE EYE AND TOLD ME… anyway it doesn’t matter, but what i’m tryin’ to say is….
2- oh yeah, I think I –
1- no, shut the fuck up, i’m tring to pay you a compliment here… oh, sorry, was that yours? I’ll get you wan in a sec.. but what I mean is, you were, you know? and I was fuckin… LISTEN TO ME. WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME? That other cunt was givin out like, fuck that cunt. Fuck him. he was givin out about me. He fuckin. no. will you let me talk. No. Just let me talk. I remember the craic with youself and he was all fuckin oh fuckin yeah, fuckin. Just fuckin let me talk. I’m tryin to fuckin oh yeah now you’re all fuckin yeah don’t fuckin mind yerman sure he’s fuckin yeah… well I’m shut up for a fuckin sec I’m no I’m tryin’ to fuckin yeah no youre fuckin’ a class act but you need to listen to me. No, listen, do you remember that time when I told yerman and you were all and then I was fuckin, right. Remember. that cunt. Fuck him. Fuck hom. You and me. Cunt.
2- Hold on you fuckin
1- No you no I no you yeah fuckin
2- I know well what you’re
1- do you fuck know you’re only I’m only tellin you
2- yeah and I’m only sayin
1- will you listen to me? You think that I’m some kinda but I’m fuckin tryin to tell you no shut the fuck up I’m tryin to hold on will you let me speak I’m tryin to fuckin yeah hold on a minute I’ll be there in a shut the I’m …do you remember that yeah the time when yeah, no ah fer fuck sakes no I was only messin will you listen for wan fuckin no
2- I know well will you relax
1- I’m fuckin rel- no I won’t you relax I fuckin
2- lookit don’t be all
1- I know, yeah you don’t be I’m just tryin to pay you a compliment go fuck yourself so I couldn’t give a fuck…
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